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Top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS

Top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS
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Top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IASbut the student can also 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS

IAS is to considered as one of the most prestigious jobs in the civil services, as it is one of the toughest jobs to crack, well, well it is very difficult to enter into the jobs, so people usually look for the coaching institution to find proper guides, but it difficult to identify the best coaching institutions for the preparation. Top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS

Tips for choosing the Top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS:

As there is the minimum requirement to be a graduate holder for obtaining a job in civil services, so usually student start focusing on the exams right after completion of their degree, as mentioned above it is one of the most tougher jobs to obtain, so it requires a lot of dedication and knowledge, so sometimes it is challenging for the students, so they require helps to understand what to study and how to prepare and how to analyze the study matter and understand the time value of money.

That is when the coaching institutions come into the picture, a coaching institution that provides the kids the guides that they need providing them the tricks and strategy and the guide them to buy the best book to obtain higher marks and then the proper way to study efficiently.

However, here is the catch although coaching institutions help the students to acquire the knowledge to accomplish to get into various civil services most of the institutions charge higher/expensive fees for there services they provide well most of the students are unable to afford that kind of fees, once who do are always in the dilemma which one to choose.

Well, in today’s era education institutions are no longer service providing sector it has converted into a business, they charge higher fees and provide additional services, however, it can be agreed that the quality of education does make a difference in that kind of institutions, they not only provide the education but various extracurricular activities to make the students understand easily.

Below provided is the list of Top 10 Best Online Coaching for IAS/UPSC Preparation in India:
  1. Legacy IAS Academy
  2. Vajiram and Ravi
  3. Rau’s IAS Academy
  4. Elite IAS Academy
  5. Vision IAS
  6. Unacademy IAS
  7. Byju’s learning app
  8. ClearIAS
  9.  VajiRao IAS Academy
  10. Neostencil.com
Legacy IAS Academy:

Firstly, Legacy IAS Academy is a Banglore-based coaching institution for the preparation of civil and IBPS coaching, It is one of the top ten Best IAS Academy in India. one of the Top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS.
LIA is the synergies of a group of efficient tutors, which included IAS/IPS/IRS officers, Academics, and extraordinary tutors.
The institution provides both online and offline classes to the students, it is up to the student to choose whether to go for only or offline classes, the institution charges around 1,40,000+ Rs fees for the Foundation course.
The Institution provides various benefits like a free Mock test and a discount of up to 30% depending upon the discretion of the institution, and a special discount is provided for the Meritorious candidates and the students can make a registration in the institution by providing an advance of Rs.10,000.

Vajiram and Ravi:

Vajiram & Ravi is India’s one of the Best IAS Coaching institutions that is located in Delhi, they provide Online IAS Coaching, which helps students with the best guidance and always keeps on them posted, the institutions have their own Vajiram IAS – UPSC Preparation App wherein students can collect their notes study material, and series of online tests, and all the latest updates are being notified through the app like exam date and new job post vacancies and any important update of the government portal. There are two centers of Vajiram and Ravi one is located in Delhi and the second is located in Chennai, lets us understand the fees structure of both the centers

Vajiram and Ravi fee:

Delhi center is:
G.S Fee: Rs. 1,65,000/-
CSAT Fee: Rs. 19,000/-
Optional Fee: 50000/-

Chennai center is:
G.S Fee: Rs. 1,45,000/-
CSAT Fee: Rs. 19,000/-
Rau’s IAS Academy:

Rau’s is one of the top 10 Online Classes to prepare for IAS, it is a premium institute, the institution has a reputation of almost 7 decades,
it is been known as one of the best IAS coaching institutions. The Rau’s IAS Academy provides both online and offline classes to the students, they understand the value of conveniences so they provide the online classes to the students who are located in the small village that cannot afford hostel and PG charges.

Rau’s IAS Academy fees: 

Admission Fee – Rs 1,75,000 Registration Fee– Rs 500.
Admission Fee – Rs 50,000, Registration Fee– Rs 500

The Rau’s IAS Academy has three campuses into three various states they are followed with the address:

309, Kanchenjunga Building, 18 Barakhamba Road,
Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001
Tel: 011 – 4078 6050,
98101 84722, 90136 54269,
Address: 3rd Floor, UDB Corporate Tower (Nawal Tower) A - 1,
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Jawahar Circle,
near Fortis Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017
Tel: 82092 03177, 75680 54231
Address: AKS Plaza No 10, 2nd, 10, Jyoti Nivas College Rd,
Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
Tel: 99160 35536, 88618 22955
Elite IAS Academy:

Elite IAS Academy is an online coaching institute. This Institute provides the Best online coaching for  IAS, Civil Services (UPSC) Exam Preparation in Delhi. It is one of the top 5 Coaching institutions for online classes, the class offers students the best-experienced teacher and provides the insight for choosing the best reading material, however, the classes are online so it is flexible for students anywhere in India to get access. General Studies Integrated.

Course: 2020-21 Fees: Rs.80000/- Duration for the classes: 10-11 Months,
General Studies Integrated Course: 2020-21 Rs.90000/-
(if the student is unable to pay the full fees Rs.45000/- per Installment in two equal installments can be done but within 45 days)
Prelims only-online course Rs 35000/-
(This is only limited to the Prelims exams here are the following subjects that are covered under this section of class:
Ancient, Medieval & Modern History; Art & Culture; Geography; Indian Polity; Etc.)

For more details regarding Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi for UPSC Exam preparation, you can contact the below-given contact number or send in a mail

Call: 7065202020
Email: info@eliteias.in
Vision IAS :

Vision IAS is one of the top coaching intuitions for civil services it has a record of providing Civil services every year, the institution provides the best coaching facility and the high-level experienced teacher who has vast experience in the subjects. Well, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the world was on hold but not In the case of Vision IAS they were determined to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and guidelines, so the Vision IAS institution started online coaching. Vision IAS provides its students the facilities like never miss a class which means the student is allowed to download/record the class videos to watch them later and do a revision session. Vision IAS Fee.

The fees charged by the Vision IAS for the coaching are Rs. 1,25,000.

presently there are no offline classes are being held due to the Covid-19 but the Vision IAS  is trying to resume it soon until it is providing the online classes.

Unacademy IAS :

Roman Saini is one of the co-founders of Unacademy, Roman Saini is one the youngest IAS offers to be appointed by UPSC, it is one of the top 5 online leading coaching institutes for IAS preparations. Here, is one of the best things about unacademy it is really at an affordable compared to various other online classes, earlier not only that the unacademy provides the EMI facility for paying the fees, however, the student can choose the subscription planning either to go for the monthly package or the yearly package, the student can choose it as per his convenience. Experienced Teachers like Mrunal Sir whose is a civil students aspirant is an expert in economics who teaching it replicable by any of the other teachers. If you are looking for an IAS coaching then Unacademy is a must-visit website for you.

As being a benefit is that you can access it from anywhere and at any given period of time and the and you can are provided with the constant Test series and a live quiz to provide you the knowledge and understand the distribution of time during the exams.

Unacademy Fee Structure:
 Duration Charges
1 Month Rs 9000
3 Months Rs 22500
6 Months Rs 40500
12 Months Rs 49500
24 Months Rs 72000

the Unacademy even provides a no-cost EMIs on the subscription which are above 6 months, the company provides up to 60% of discount on opting for the year subscription.

Byju’s learning app:

Byjus is one of the top 10 Coaching Classes To Prepare For IAS, most promising apps in the form of online classes initially Byjus begin with the classing for primary and high school students, following that they released various other courses it is an online learning app that is exclusively designed for young aspiring students who aim of obtaining their dreams. Byjus is considered as a most learning and interacting app, there provide ample a score of examples with video-based learning it is easier to grasp the knowledge and easier to remember to in the video formate.

As mentioned above the app was initially into the school classroom teaching but now the app is into various aspects of teaching from schooling till the Preparation of Civil services the app hires an expert teacher who has an expert opinion in that subject and then allows the teacher to takes the class so that all the students can get access to the expert in a particular field.

The Byjus is one of the top 5 online coaching class for IAS preparation, However, Byjus does not have any offline sites presently, it is a tech-based company and it believes it can reach many people through an online platform it would be easy to reach people and it can be operated anywhere at any given point of time.

Fee Structure for Online IAS Coaching
BYJU’s IAS Prelims Test Series 2500
Current Affairs Webinar Series 4500
IAS 2017 Mains Tablet Course 25-30000
IAS 2018 (Pre + Mains) Tablet Course 55-60000
IAS 2018 CSAT Tablet Rs 25000-30000
IAS 2019 (Pre + Mains) Tablet Course Rs 70000-75000
IAS Anthropology Optional Online Streaming Rs 25000
Mains Test Series 2018 Rs 5000
UPSC Prelims 2018 Crash Course Rs 25000

ClearIAS is a startup in the field educational sector, it is the platform that provides the student the help they require to clear IAS. As the name itself states the ClearIAS is being developed to help the young aspiring student to achieve and get into their dream jobs, the tagline states that they help the students to clear the IAS exams, As it is difficult to understand and read on its own for UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) student tent to look for help or at least a guides for the beginning.

However, as a learning platform, ClearIAS does not just focus on the IAS exams itself it provides various other educational insists that can be used varies across the world, it provides the skill sets to the people that they require to service and to secure the jobs, they provide higher quality video content and interactive sessions.

Nevertheless, Their vision is to provide the world with a leader who is aspiring, multi-talented, skilled, and equipped with the knowledge to make the right decision.

VajiRao IAS Academy:

VajiRao IAS Academy (Vajirao & Reddy Institute) is one of the pioneers in the IAS coaching sector they have a track record of producing the UPSC Civil Services, the Academy was integrated in the year 1989. It is India’s top UPSC Academy rated as the best IAS Coaching in India. Vajirao & Reddy Institute believe in the best so being the best is their motto, they provide various online classes for all sorts of UPSC exams but they mainly focus on the IAS exams. The Institution provides various services like online portal service and test series, you will be provided guides until you clear the exams or master a particular subject.


Accordingly, Neostencil believes that you can get into whatever you set your mind to, but you are going to require a good mentor at the initial stage. So, Neostencil.com came with an approach to provide the students with all the required facilities at a lesser cost, but not in the value of quality to your preparation.

Fee Structure for Online IAS  Coaching:
IAS Prelims Crash Course 2019 30000
Prelims Test Series 6500
Current Affairs 3500
General Studies course 20000
Prelims cum Mains Integrated Test Series 35400

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