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List of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation

List of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation
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List of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam PreparationList of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation

Preparing for an IAS Examination is not a joke, it is as hard as you can imagine, but not impossible all you require is dedication and a lot of hard work, well, there are various ways to prepare for the exam by the most effective way is through understanding all the syllabus and referring the best book available on that particular subject.

Selecting the List of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation :

well, there are various books available in the market that provides various aspects regarding all the subject, however, but books guided by the expert should be the main focus that books which provide deep inside and clear explanation of the subject.

As students get fumbled while selecting the books the as mentioned above there are various books written by various authors, it is very essential to choose the right study material and stick to it. Most of the time the student change the books and end up getting different methods of solving the problems or gets confused by the explanation of different author.

All the different Author have their own way of explanation, so the student should make a list of books provided by the expert advisor and then select the books because every time you hear about a new book or an author you should not doubt about it you should stick to it for so that you understand the method of solving the problems or for presenting your perspective.

Although all the Study material provides the same answer at the end but still there are few books that provide a lengthy process which is hard to remember and consume a lot of time, while given an exam time is always the most crucial thing, we have to answer a lot of questions in a given span and we need to manage the time efficiently.

Tips and Trick On how to do IAS Exam Preparation

As we have covered there is a lot of things to read, but the important question is it a relevant topic that needs to be covered, we need to focus on the subject, for example when it comes to history known it to the extent is important that doesn’t mean. However, well that all being said it is important to read as much as possible it will improve the knowledge but while considering the time and exam point of view, the topper and coaching institutions provide the list of the books they referred to crack the exams and here is the list of the books that you Must Read to crack the UPSC exams.

Tips and Trick On how to do IAS Exam Preparation

This is because our aim is not just to read the whole book as fast as possible but to read and then remember as much of it as possible. There are some tricks to help you remember all that you learn, as we have seen. What you should do is read one chapter this week and then read around about the incidents from that chapter. Read Wikipedia, read some blogs about it, read newspaper articles about it, think about it.

Then make a summary of the main events/arguments of the chapter from memory.Before reading one must understand the meaning of reading, don’t read any book because you have to, but read it to understand the meaning of it, reading doesn’t mean finishing the book as fast as you can the main important thing is it remember the content as much as you can, reading improves your vocabulary and understanding it makes it even more important, the most important thing is to remember. so the trick to remember the content is to read 1 chapter at a time and make a note about it, write down the important points and then read few newspaper articles, blogs or watch some video, few there are any available and them summaries of the story of the reading it will be easier to remember for the long run.

Here is the list of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation :
1. India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha

The book is written by the Author Ramachandra Guha the book is about Indian Politics, and how India has changed after Independence and few of the event that has lead India till today, The book is approximately 900 pages and has covered various events that are the most crucial part of India after independence.

2. NCERT books: The Complete Package

The word NCERT stands for The National Council of Educational Research and Training,
it is an autonomous organization established by the Government of India in the year 1961,
the main work of the NCERT is to set the syllabus for the student of the Indian education system.

Reading the NCERT books are a very essential part of the preparation for any Civil service exams, here is why, because the NCERT book covers all the basic essential knowledge required to obtain the job, Most of the exams you appear to do not require you to understand the rocket science level of Math or Science and the books cover all the basic essence and it is very important to understand the basis of all the subjects before you go to the next level.

3. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth

Most of the IAS Topper consider this book as the Bible for the Indian Polity, Polity plays a huge role in any of the Civil Service exams many times questions arising in the exams and this provides a brief explanation for all those questions
and queries. The book covered the various formulations of parties and amendment of new policies and rules by the government and the reasons, and the few debatable arrangements towards those policies and parties.

4. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh:

Indian economy is one of the most important topics for all not just for the sake of the Civil Service it is advised to all the citizen to understand the situation our countries in the current state, the book helps you to analyze the economic states of the current, well if u want to understand the current affairs related to economic you shoulda brief understanding of the past state and the results and the effects of it on the mere future of the country.

The book helps you to understand all the economic terms and help you evaluate the future prediction and the cause and the effect on the upcoming generation because the decision needs to taken by the finance minister not only affects the state of the citizen of the country but the whole country itself.

5. Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.D. Basu

The Book Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.D. Basu provides the known of how our constitution was shaped, an insight is provided as the book was focused on how our constitution was framed, and even a few political and constitutional issues.

As we all know History and Politics are 2 faces of a coin they both go hand in hand, the book covers few debatable topics that clear all the queries that you have. This book is a shadow to the Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth it covers a few of the events in a deeper sense that M.laxmikanth has mentioned in his book.

6. India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra

Well, there are so many pages and advisory blogs that refer you to read the Spectrum books but it is of no use if you read only Spectrum books all they contain the date, time, and the name of the event or the movement, well, honestly what is the use if don’t know the result or the conclusion of the event.

Bipan Chandra covers the various aspects and the result as they are, hence the book provides the essences of facts. The book covers various events decade by decade which gives the readers a lot of information and confession at the same time, well because various facts happen in a decade and it is very difficult to remember the date, time, and place to the precise event, so the expert’s advice to visualize and understand one chapter at a time so that the event and the time don’t get jumbled.

7. 2nd ARC Reports

The Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) was constituted on 31 August 2005, and the chairman of the committee was Veerappa Moily, he was assigned to prepare a brief blueprint providing all the detail to all the queries.

This is the Book/Report that helps you to understand the deeper sense of the Policy-making world. the book helps you provided a diplomatic answer to each and every nerve-wracking question. that might have made a change, thee are few arguments based on the certain topics debate return as well, the book helps you understand and look at the thing from the various perspective as well, that will help you to understand and evaluate the situation from an open point of view and will you to provide a thought while writing an answer for the question in your Civil Service exams.

8. The Wonder That Was India by AL Basham

Well understanding that India is a country of diversification that means there are various religious aspects to cover, but that does not always help full because considering all the religion will take a long time to read the book of all the religion, so that is when the book. The Wonder That Was India by AL Basham plays a huge role the book covers the various teaching of ancient history and but it also recommended going through various spectrum culture books for deeper knowledge.

9. Majid Hussain – Indian Geography

Well, we have already covered few basic things in our NCERT’s but it helps in getting adequate data regarding all the things are cover in the book about the geographical condition, NCERT cover all the basic spect, however, those books only help you to understand all the concepts for prelims exams to clear For the mains exams, one must have adequate knowledge of it all.

10. IGNOU Material on Disaster Management

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Material on Disaster Management is a subject you need to focus on, however, the questions under this topic are not so variant, this is important because the subject covers natural resources and disaster management in the case of flood, it is most judgment scenario question this kind of question check your ability to decision making concept, and how well would you handle it if you ever face a certain condition in your service experience.

This Book/Report consists of various natural and man-made disaster and the precaution taken into the consideration for the sake of future reference, and certain case studies as well, so that you can identify your method of validating the things that happened and your response and most importantly your judgment to handle the situation at any given time.

Well, above provided are List of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation, there is a variety of others that you need to focus on but the List of Top 10 Books for IAS Exam Preparation as above provide is the list of Must read books apart from all the book the student must focus on the current affairs and articles and newspapers feeds, etc, and should be able to provide a diplomatic answer for all the topic put across him, and the most important is interview skills the candidate behavior and activates of higher ranking skills and have the confidence to face any questions asked to him confidently.

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