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All you need to know about IBPS Banking Exam

All you need to know about IBPS Banking Exam
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All you need to know about IBPS Banking ExamThe Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Banking Exam

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is a government institution that looks over the recruitment process for all the public banking systems.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is a body governed by various boards combined together, the IBPS consists of the RBI, Ministry of Finance, IIT Mumbai, and IBA. It was formulated in the year 1984 from the guidelines under theNational Institute of Bank Management.

All the Exams for the job appointments were conducted by the IBPS which covered all the public sector banks’ recruitment was made entirely online in the late 2000s.

In today’s era, the banking sector seems to be the most preferred job all over India, As there is no guarantee in the private sector of job safety so most people start to choose the government sector, which provides job safety and comparatively a higher paygrade. However, getting into the banking job is not as easy as it sounds the banking sector contains one of the riskiest jobs as well,due to the heavy competition and the scarcity in the job and the huge number of applicant the IBPS has created a 3 stage entry-level exams for all the applicant, it is similar to all the various government exams, 1st stage Prelims, 2nd stage Mains, and 3rd stage in a face-to-face interview with the highering pannel. Although the interview is not compulsory in all the job roles under the banking system.

So let’s understand the various job roles under the IPBS: 

(IBPS CLR)  IBPS Clerical

(PO) IBPS Probationary officers 

IBPS Regional Rural Bank (RRB)

IBPS Specialist Officer (SO) 

Eligibility Criteria for IBPS Banking Exam:

Well, all the job has certain criteria which are needed to be fulfilled by all the candidate, so that the bank can identify a suitable candidate for the job, let’s understand the criteria for the job one by one:

Eligibility Criteria for IBPS Banking ExamClerk:

IBPS sets the eligibility criteria for the position of Clerk. Below mentioned is the brief list of Eligibility Criteria for candidates who are appearing in the IBPS Clerk examination.

  • As mentioned above the exams are conducted at 2 levels – Preliminary and Main.
  • All the candidates who are willing to apply for the job need to fill an online application form into the IBPS official website i.e. ibps. in.

  • Firstly, the candidate needs to write the prelims exams which are usually conducted in February/March.
  • Secondly, the candidates who are shortlisted from the results of IBPS prelims only those candidates are allowed to participate in the mains exam which is usually conducted in the month of April-May.

  • The candidate must be a degree graduate in any subject, however, the student in the degree final year can also apply, but by the time of their selection, the student should have his degree completion certificate from the university recognized by the government of India.

  • The candidate must be literate in the language of the state that he is applying for he must know how to Read, Write and Speak in their Local language.

  • The Minumum age to enter into the IBPS clerk is 20 years.
  • The maximum age for applying for the IBPS Clerk is 28 years, however, the applicant with reserve categories is provided with a relaxation age.

  • The Candidate applying for any position in the IBPS or any of the Government jobs in India must have Indian citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria for IBPS Banking Exam Regional Rural Bank (RRBs):
  • The candidate who is applying for the position of IBPS RRB should satisfy all the criteria for eligibility, which include educational qualification, age limit, Experience in the field, and all the key skills as well.

  • If there are any legal complaints against the applicant on his character, Moral Turpitude, or any disciplinary action against the repayment of the loan are not qualified for the position.

  • Well, if the appointment committee finds the candidate not suitable for the job it can take the decision and can disbar you from the RRB recruitment process.

Eligibility Criteria for IBPS Banking Exam Specialist Officer (SO):

IBPS SO Specialist Officers is recruited for the position of banks as IT Officer, Agricultural Field Officer, Law Officer, Human resources, and Marketing Officer.

  • The candidate applying for the position for the IBPS SO should be an Indian Resident, However,If the person is a migrant for Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and East African countries and has an intention of settling permanently in India can also apply for this position.

  • The age criteria are the minimum age for applying is 20 and the maximum age is 30, but there is a relaxing period availed for the candidate as per their category.

As there is various diversification for this position the bank so the education criteria are set differently for all the position it follows:
  • IT Officer (Scale I):

    As the name itself indicates the candidate is designated as an IT officer the candidate must have a degree in the field of engineering or  Computer Science, IT, Electronics & Telecommunications.

  • Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I):

    As we know RRB stands for Reginal Rural Bank, the bank has a various requirement in the field of agriculture as the bank lends the loan to the formers the bank should also have an expert in the field of agriculture department to analyze the quality and decide the eligibility for the loan, however, the eligibility for this position is that the candidate must have a degree in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture, Food Technology, or any other degree which is related to the field of the agriculture department.

  • Law Officer (Scale I):

    Accordingly, the work of the candidate will be leading the bank with legal advice in all the required areas, and the applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in law and also be enrolled in the association of the Indian Bar council.

  • Human Resource (Scale I):

    More importantly, the candidate must have a Post Graduation/Master’s Degree in the area of Human resources, equate knowledge in Labour Law or an expert in the field of Human Resource Development and Social work can apply for this position.

  • Marketing Officer (Scale I):

    Finally, as the role itself is self-explanatory, the job will be designated in the field of Marketing/Advertisement/Promotion for bank, the candidate must be the holder of a degree in the field of marketing, MBA (Marketing), Master of Management Studies.

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