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Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical

Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical
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Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical

Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, well as we have covered the meaning and the eligibility criteria for the IBPS selection process, so in this topic, we will cover the Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical which is helpful to obtain higher mains in the exams.

As It’s known to all there is various classification when it comes to IBPS banking, well all the public banks collectively take exams, however, the exam is conducted by IBPS, and then based on their ranking or cut-off criteria, the banks hire an employee.

However, there are 3 rounds to entering into the world of banking as an employee, and it is not as easy as may sound, well because, banking is considered as the safest job in today’s era and it provides the grantee to the employee for the safety of the job, not so in the case of the private job and the government just cannot fire you on the basis because there is no work for you, however, if that is the case you will be resigned to a different job role, not a sudden termination.

Well, as I was mentioning the there are 3 rounds that all the candidates need to clear if you want to clear before getting into the job,

The First round is Prelims:

a written test in the multiple-choice format, the exams are conducted online as per the mandate of the IBPS.

Second Round that is Mains:

Once you write the prelims exam and clear the exam and meet criteria, that is then you are allowed to write the Mains exams, However, in the mains, 5 exams are predefined and mentioned on the official website of the IBPS along with the eligibility criteria and the marks to be obtained, and all the rules the candidate needs to follow while attaining an exam. As mentioned above there are 5 exams in the Mains, most of the exams are Multiple-choice question here is the following subject :

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Computer Knowledge
  • English Language
  • General/ Banking/ Financial Awareness

5 out of 4 subjects have the multiple-choice question except for English, the English language has a letter-writing section for 25 marks, however, it cannot be clarified this is permanent the pattern of the exams remains the same.

Finally Round 3:

Only the candidates that have fulfilled the criteria for round two are eligible for round 3, which is a face-to-face interview with a panel, well, not all the Job roles have the third round. for instance, in a job designation for the role of the clerk, there is no interview round the candidate is selected, based on the second round and the basis of his merits. But there is another job designation like a Probation officer, specialist officer, and Human resource officer, and many more officers need to face the interview because those job roles are the higher role and there are taken into consideration, so it is important to understand and analyze the candidate’s ability to evaluate his decision-making process.

Competition Ratio:

It is difficult to attain a job public banking sector, especially with all the huge competition, according to the data of IBPS last year, there were 20,000 vacancies for the IBPS PO and the total number of applications were around 2,00,00,000 pan India level, which means the ratio follow to 1/10,000. in other words for one post, there are moreover Ten Thousand applications. Well, every there are thousands of students pass out

from their degree college and start aiming for the government jobs, but it is very difficult to crack the exams without proper guidelines, so most of them join coaching institutions as per convenience, well various institutions provide coaching for banking exams, but they charge a higher amount which all of us cannot afford, that doesn’t mean you are not capable of the job. It means that you have to work twice the hard as the rest of the people, well it true that you cannot buy those fancy tutorials, but we can help you identify the best study material for IBPS which is preferred by various toppers and recommended by the experts in the banking and teaching field.

Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical
Books Author
English Grammar & Composition Wren and Martin
Descriptive General English S P Bakshi and Richa Sharma
Objective English for Competitive Examinations Hari Mohan Prasad, Uma Rani Sinha
Objective General English R.S Aggarwal, Vikas Aggarwal

Various books are useful for preparation for the IBPS examination but it is always difficult to identify the Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical for the beginner, so here Is the list of books you need to focus on, these books are the best study material for beginners because it contains all the basics and covers all the topics and has been advised by various experts.

Books for Quantitative Aptitude By R.S.Aggarwal :

This is the best book for Quantitative Aptitude for beginners if your maths is a bit weak because this book contains a lot of exercises with a lot of examples and sample questions with solved answer paper, the book provides the simplest ways to solve the question in less span of time.

ACE Quant By Adda:

This is the second reference book, if your maths is a bit advance then the book provides you deeper knowledge and has a complex question and makes you understand the answer in the simplest method but it is difficult to understand for beginners because this book is only for those who have the good basic knowledge.

Data Interpretation by K Kundan:

This book provides the best insight about analyzing the data in the forms of diagram or graph but the book is not sufficient for the sake of the Mains exams, the book on data Interpretation by K Kundan provides you the all the basic ground knowledge on the data interpretation and helps you understand for future books.

Data Interpretation- Arun Sharma:

Arun Sharma is the author of various books and data interpretation is one amount that, if you are preparing for the Mains exams it the best book, because the books focus on the complicated problem which helps you to directly focus on the mains.


Well, various books are focusing on reasoning ability and it is an important aspect as well, there are more than 35 marks, but there are author in the field of reasoning ability but most of the expert advice the following books are the recommendation as it covers the most type of concept sites and puzzles, etc. The first book is ACE Reasoning is the book by the ADDA the book is a complete package for Reasoning ability as mentioned above the book contains all the topics on the reasoning portion from beginning to end and it has all kinds of questions and practices solved papers etc.

Puzzle Mania by Oliveboard:

This book purely focuses on the topic of puzzles, if you are looking for a book that can be used for both prelims and mains Puzzle Mania by Oliveboard is your go-to book.


Well, language is a compulsory content in the exam portion there are 2 language paper in the banking exam, one is the prelims and the second is in the Mains,

Objective General English By SP Bakshi

The book covers all the grammar and vocabulary parts that are necessary for the point of exams, however, it has done not only focus on the point of view of exams, but the book also contains abundant knowledge about English grammar.

Plinth To Paramount By Neetu Singh

Well the book focuses mostly on the vocabulary part, this book is very suitable for the student who is having a had time understand English due to their previous study in the Hindi medium, so the book provides an easy understanding level for the students from various medium schooling.


The Newspaper not only provides you the best understanding of the English vocabulary but also provides you with the current affairs as well, so focus on reading the news Like Deccan, The Hindu Times Of India.

Apart from Best Study Material For Preparation Of IBPS Clerical these various above resources, you should also focus on the various online platform because all the books and current affairs guides provide you knowledge but it is not up to date, so live apps like textbooks or online resource, or Telegram app that is constantly updating their resources for the students, and provide the PDF format for easy convenience so that it can be easy to share and download.

It is very important to stay updated all the time and because we do not know where the questions are being asked from so it is very essential to stay tuned as the changes are happening on a real-time basis.

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