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Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria, and selection process

Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria, and selection process
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Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria, and selection process

Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria and selection process

We have seen various government jobs related to UPSC, Indian Navy, Indian Army, and UPSC, etc.,but in today’s topic, we will focus on the Indian Railway, RRB Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria,and selection process, in detail all even the study material that the students need to focus on while preparing for the RRB.

History of Indian Railway:

Before jumping into the topic let’s understand a bit about Indian Railway, Indian railway is the fourth largest railway network in the whole world in terms of length, covering a total length of around 68,000 km as of March 2020,as being the world fourth largest railway network the Indian railway carried over 8 billion passengers last year, the Indian railway transport over 14,000+ passage on an average daily basis on both short term and long term distance.

Indian Railway Records: 

Presently Indian Railway has over 1.3 Million employees as of March 2020, Indian Railway holds the record of being the Eight Largest employers since 2020, the Indian Railway runs around 8,480 trains on a daily basis as per the Indian railway Wikipedia page.

Indian Railway owns more than 12,000+ Locomotives and 2,93,000 + freight wagons, 76,600 + passenger coaches, the government of India has made a commitment to electrify the entire railway across India and become a “net-zero (carbon emissions) railway” by 2030. 

Well, we have to know understood about Indian railway its importance in the various aspects know lets us understand the recruitment process and the eligibility criteria and the syllabus to prepare for the sake an employment opportunity in the Indian railway,well as we have covered various other concepts like IAS, UPSC, etc., and we know that are certain criteria that all the applied candidate need to fulfilled as per the guidelines of Railway Recruitment Board, but there is certain relaxation period provided to the candidate on the basis of there caste and community or Physically Disabled candidate. Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria, and selection process.

Let’s look into all those various aspects one by one as we explore more about the Indian Railway:

Well, the candidates are recruited by two various boards either by Indian Railway Recruitment Board orUnion Public Service Commission (UPSC). However, the hiring depends upon the group for which the candidates are applying.

There are 4 group/segments in the Railway department, under which all the post are segregated and every group has a specified job role under it, well under every group there are various job roles, their group is differentiated as Group A, Group B, Group C, and Finally Group D.

Here is the list of each Group’s job role in brief:

Well, the Indian railways provide the jobs in various sources approximately around more than 50+ areas, all the candidate working railway are either resurrected by the Indian railway recruitment Board or UPSC Board, however, all the four group consists of various other positions let’s have a look at all the four groups.

The hierarchy is followed in the following manners in the bottom comes Group D, then Group C, Group B, and the top of the hierarchy stands Group A.

The jobs roles in Indian Railways are as follows:
Group D: 

Trackman, Pointsman, Assistant Worker, Hospital Assistant, Switchman, Helper (engineer), Helper (mechanic) Etc., are other various positions are available for the sake of Group D. The Initial salary for Group D employees is presently Rs. 21,000.

Group B/C:

There is not much of a difference between Group B/C, but there is a lot of difference in the pay scale and the job variation level the Group B is a step higher than Group C, the chances of getting a promotion are higher in group B, well lets us know the various Job role under these two groups:

Traffic apprentice, commercial apprentice, Goods Guard, Loco Pilot, Nurse, Pharmacist, Health Inspector, Sub Inspector, Constable, Junior Engineer, Sr. Sec. Engineer, Enquiry clerk, booking clerk, junior account assistant, senior clerk, etc.

These are the various posts that are available under Group B/C, however, is a difference in the salary the officer employee working under Group C earns a salary of 15,600-24,000 Group B’s salary is somewhere around 15,600- 39,000 + varying on the basis of there position.

Group A:
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS),
  • General Duty Medical Officer,
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS),
  • Assistant Security Commissioner in RPF,
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS),
  • Store services, etc.

Are various more positions are available for Group A, well it is the topmost in the Indian Railway Hierarchy, so considerably the salary is higher compared to the all there above groups the salary for the Group A is somewhere 70,000 – 90,000, not just that the group A employees also enjoy the perks like House rent allowance, Medical allowance, and Transport allowance, etc.

Eligibility criteria

Well, we know comes the most important question, we know about Indian railway and the Job role and their salary now let’s know the Eligibility criteria to get into any of these groups:

Age Eligibility: 

The Minimum Age Eligibility criteria are 18 and the Maximum age is up to 33 years, however, there is a relaxation grace period provided to the candidate belonging to Schedule caste and schedule tried and to the Physically Handicapped candidates.

Nationality Eligibility:
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India,
  • candidates who are a citizen of Bhutan and Nepal can also apply for this position,
  • A  Tibetan Refugee candidate who has moved to India before 1st January 1962 to settle in India can also apply for this position,

  • A person holding citizenship of India but moved from a different country to settle into India permanently can also apply.

Educational Qualification:

Well, as mentioned above there are various positions in the Indian Railway, all the positions have various different requirement for educational qualification, the educational qualification gets higher as the position gets higher,

Group D Education qualification:
  • Minimum Education Qualification Class 10th pass certificate no percentage required OR
  • ITI degree or diploma 10+2.
Indian Railway Recruitment selection process:
  • First Stage of CBT
  • Typing Test
  • Physical Test
  • Document Verification
  • Medical Examination
  • Final Selection
First Stage of CBT: 

The first stage of the Indian railway recruitment is the CBT which is also knowns as a Computer-Based Test,there are 2 sets of exams are conducted, the test is conducted online where the candidate is provided with the exam where he is should be attained and attained the exams.

Typing Test (Skill Test):

The candidate is then assessed through his typing speed since the candidate is supposed to handle the ticket counter and the candidate is required to have an excellent typing speed and then the essential computer knowledge.

Physical Test:

once the candidate is selected through the Computer-Based Test and Typing test the next stage is to physical test, there are certain physical requirements that are required by the candidate unless you have applied under the handicapped zone, the candidate is called for a physical examination.

Document Verification:

Then the next stage is the document verification to ensure that the candidate is valid and has not made any malpractice in the application form and not lied to get into the job and then the verification of all the documents are done physically and then verified through your application process to check for ethnicization.

Medical Examination:

Medical Examination is conducted to verify the physical and Mental condition of the candidate, like Eyesight, Hearing aid, and any terminal disease that the candidate is carrying which may reduce his working capacity, However, the medical examination criteria are pre-defined by the board and is already updated to the candidate while the time he is applying for the position itself.

Final Selection:

Finally, once the candidate completes all the process the final stage is the selection process is providing the appointment letter, the appointment letter consists of the joining date, Job location, destination, Salary structure and all the necessity Do and Don’t, certain rules and regulations, and the details of the training process as well.

In summary, The Topic focus on the Indian Railway Recruitment Board eligibility criteria, and selection process the topic does not only focus on the eligibility criteria, and the selection process but also the rewards and time of history about the Indian Railways as well.

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