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Indian Army Job Roles and Eligibility Criteria

Indian Army Job Roles and Eligibility Criteria
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Indian Army Job Roles and Eligibility Criteria

Indian Army Job Roles and Eligibility criteria

Indian army is the world’s 3rd largest army followed by America and China, well there are various posts and destinations in the Indian Army as well, in this blog we will read about the recurrent and selection process of the Indian army. Like all the other civil service recruitment, an Indian army officer is also recruited by the UPSC board.

well as there are various criteria for all the civil services, there are few in the Indian Army as well, like Age, and Gender, mostly, However, there is relaxing age nor any special reservation in the Indian Army, if you are worth it then prove it and the job is your, it is one of the best things about the Indian army, it is what Indian army stands for The Army should be of India, there is segregation in the army, always Unity in Diversity.

Let’s understand the criteria and the job role in the Indian Army:

Well as mentioned in the above paragraph, there are certain criteria that each and every candidate has to fulfill to enroll in the Indian Army and there are various Job roles based on the years of service and their educational qualification, and various other aspects.

First Lets look into the Hierarchy of the Indian Army:

We will enlist the ranking accordingly from Highest to the lowest;

  • Equivalent NATO code
  • 10 Field Marshal
  • 9 General
  • 8 Lieutenant general
  • 7 Major general
  • 6 Brigadier
  • 5 Colonel
  • 4 Lieutenant colonel
  • 3 Major
  • 2 Captain
  • 1 Lieutenant
  • Officer (D) Officer cadet

Well, the above mentioned is the list of the hierarchy that is being followed by the Indian Army, the initial stage is the officer cadet the candidate is at the student level who has just entered into the world of the Indian Army, and the Highest stage is the NATO code he/she has the highest authority in the Indian Army the officer is also known as the supreme leader in case of the Indian Army it is the President of India, the president of India is the NATO code Officer the Supreme leader of the Indian Army.

Now we have covered the job roles in the Indian Army lets us cover the criteria for applying for the job in the Indian army:

Education qualification:
  • Firstly, the Minimum Qualification of applying for the job in the Indian army is the 10th standard pass, however, the qualification varies from each job role, the educational qualification differs from various posts
  • IT operator should be an engineering graduate and must have taken Science and Maths in the 10+2 in the official notification while applying for the position.
Physical Criteria:

The Indian army is spread wildly all over India by the Western Himalayan Region, Eastern Himalayan Region, Central Region, and till Southern Region the army requires a lot of man forces to fulfill that requirement the candidate must to qualified for it because there are defined workplace it is almost always on the move there are various candidates applying for the position but identifying id the difficult job,

  • Firstly, the basic Requirement Chest Minimum 76 CMS,
  • Weight Minimum of 48 Kgs,
  • Height of Minimum of 160 CMS,
Medical Criteria: 

Each and every candidate needs to go through a medical test all the following requirements must be fulfilled or else it is difficult for the candidate to land a job in the Army.

  • Firstly, the thing is the candidate should be Physically and Mentally in the good Health.
  • Secondly, the Candidate should not be Colorblind he should be able to recognize white, red, and green signals as they pay high importance in the role of training.
  • The candidate’s Vision must 6/6 for each of the eyes, he must have visibility to read by both his eyes and identify the Words return on the target board.
  • The Chest should at least develop 5 CMS on expansion.
  • Candidate must have all dential points at least 14 dental points.
  • Any candidate applying should not have diseases like deformity of bones, hydrocele, and varicocele, or piles.
  • Finally, the candidate must have a good Hearing for both the Ears 6/6 and a good Vision chart from the board

The candidate must be within the age of 21 to 27, unmarried, and Law budding Citizen of India. the above topic covers all the “Indian Army Job Roles and Eligibility criteria” required details Eligibility criteria for enrolling in the Indian Army.

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