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Indian Navy Job roles and Eligibility Criteria

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Indian Navy Job roles and Eligibility criteria

Serving in the NAVY is not just a job, it is an act of patriotism and willingness to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the country that whats makes it a noble cause it gives a higher purpose for the life, the job is not meant for all, However, the job teaches you a lot but takes a lot from you as well, the job puts you on a different path wherein you will be spending your time away from your family for days, weeks sometimes even for months, and what makes this a job patriotic is that you have prioritized your country before your family. Indian Navy Job roles and Eligibility criteria.

we will try to cover all the topics related to Indian Navy Job roles and Eligibility criteria, well there are various criteria under which every candidate needs to know that we will try to fulfill the purpose of the topic as much as we can.

There are only a few jobs that are left to serve the country and hold their patriarchy of being citizen of the country, Indian NAVY providers you the chances to work for the country, there are various posting and positions the navy offers you be a part of it.

It is a career path that provides you the various role that will be teaching Duty and Commitment and if you are looking for a job that is filled with challenges and if you love adventurous life then the career in the Navy is meant for you.

Well, compared to other Civil Services the Navy doesn’t have much of eligibility criteria for all their post, however that doesn’t mean it is easier to get into the NAVY, it is twice as difficult comparied to other Civil Services.

Let’s understand A bit about the Indian NAVY:
History about the Indian NAVY:

The Indian Navy has a history of more than 409 years, before Indian independence the Indian navy served East India company as a British merchant shipping, Well sea was the only way that connected the countries before the Airways, all the trade was done through the waterways. In the year 1934, the navy was named as Royal Indian Navy, after Indian was Independent in the year 1950, the Royal Indian Navy was renamed as “Indian Navy”. Moreover, as all the military/Defence power is handled by the supreme leader of the country in India all the powers are vested in the hands of the President.

In addition, the navy provides you an expert opinion and helps you discipline your life, provides you the various leadership opportunities, and allows you to explore the whole world. Most importantly there are various different fields that you can choose to work in the navy.I n addition, the Indian Navy includes all the various departments under which you apply or enroll yourself for the job allotment the department are as follows Engineering, Medical, Electric, Educational, and Catering. Well like most of all the Civil Service, the Indian Navy is one of the government young aspirant candidates look forward to working, but since the demand is high and the supply for the job is low, the government of India has created a Fair trail for every candidate the government created a Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) board which looks after the recruitment process, it is the one that sets the question paper and sets the syllabus for the Exams.

Exam Criteria for the Indian NAVY:

Likewise, all the various government Exam even this exam have certain criteria, well the exams are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Board but the interview is being conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSC), however, all the criteria are bring set by the Naval Headquarters it is the director of Manpower planning and Recruitment for the Indian Navy.

As mentioned above there are a various department in the Navy Seals, and the candidate can apply for any of the posts if he/she desires to work for, however, the candidate can only be appointed if he/she fulfills the required eligibility criteria for the position they are applied.

Indian Navy Job roles and Eligibility criteria:
  • To apply the candidate needs to visit their official website join the Indian navy,
  • Next click on the apply now option,
  • Then register yourself to the portal, you can register with an Aadhaar card or if you don’t have an Aadhaar card you can select the other option wherein you can register with another state/government recognized Identity proof.
  • Once you are registered you can apply for any of the posts, you are eligible accordinly.

The candidate who has applied for the job in the NAVY has to go through (UPSC) Union Public Service Commission Board, well the board conducts various on the basis of their job role, each exam will be focusing on the basis of the position the candidate is applying and so are the subject, each position has a different set of the syllabus for each exam.

The candidate has to clear the online written exam which is in the objective type questions if he/she clears the exams and makes it to the merit list then the candidate is sent to the Service Selection Board (SSC) for the future interview process then the candidate who performs well will be allocated with a designation that he/she has applied.

Let’s understand the job roles in the Indian Navy:

As we have read in the Indian army that there is a various designation, it is followed every wherein from the family to the country, everybody has to answer somebody, it is a systematic hierarchy to follow the order and to identify the designation of the higher authority.

We will enlist the ranking according to the hierarchy which is from Highest to the lowest, below provided is the list of the authority position as follows:

  • Equivalent NATO code
  • officer 10 Admiral of the Fleet
  • officer 9 Admiral
  • Of 8 Vice Admiral
  • Officer 7 Rear Admiral
  • Off 6 Commodore
  • officer 5 Captain
  • off 4 Commander
  • officer 3 Lieutenant commander
  • officer 2 Lieutenant
  • Sublieutenant
  • Officer (D) and student officer Midshipman

Above provided is the list of ranks in the Indian Navy from highest to lowest, every candidate has to start from the officer (D) Midshipman and then start to climb the ladder to the upper posts.

Eligibility criteria for Indian Navy:

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) board conducts the exam for the NAVY and the short-listed candidates are interviewed by Service Selection Board  (SSC) for the selection process:

Education Qualification:
  • Firstly, the exams are conducted twice a year they are as follows in JUNE and DECEMBER.
  • The minimum education qualification is the 10th standard
  • Finally, the age limit Minimum requirement is 17 years, and the maximum age 22( It is different for various job roles)
Physical Eligibility:
  • The Minimum height to get enrolled is 157 centimeters for a male candidate for female candidates the Minimum height requirement is 152 centimeters.
  • Running of 1.6 Kilometer in less than 7 Minutes and 20 push-ups.
Medical Eligibility:
  • Firstly, the candidate should be fit  Physically and Mentally.
  • All the enrolled candidates should have an Eye vision 6/6.
  • He should not be color blind, he should be able to identify the colors on the target board.
  • The candidate should not have any kind of disease.
List of 5 Job roles candidates should focus on applying in the Indian Navy:
AA Artificial Apprentices:
  • Education qualification 12th standard with the following subject PMC Physics, Maths, and Chemistry.
  • The minimum of 60%.
  • The age limit should not exide above 20 years old and the minimum age for eligibility is 17 years.
  • The Payscale is around 30,000 to 37,000+
Multi-Tasking Staff/Trade (MTS):
  • Education qualification is 10th pass.
  • The minimum age is 17 years and the maximum age is 20 years.
National Defence Academy:
  • firstly, Exams are conducted by the UPSC Board twice a year in April and September.
  • The educational requirement is 10+2.
  • Age minimum 16 years maximum age 19 years.
  • The candidate must have studied Physics and Maths compulsory in his 10+2 as a subject.
  • In addition, only Unmarried male candidates can apply for this position.
Indian Navy:
  • Firstly, the candidate must have completed his 10+2 and B.Tech,
  • Physics, Maths, and Chemistry are compulsory subject the candidate has to be obtained in his academics,
  • Finally, the enrolled student must have obtained at least 70% in science and 50% in English
    to become eligible for the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview.

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