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Indian Air Force Job Role and How to get into the Indian Air Force?

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Indian-Air-Force-Job-Role-and-How-to-get-into-the-Indian-Air-Force.jpgIndian Air Force Job Role and How to get into the Indian Air Force?

We have discussed Indian Navy, Indian Army, KPSC, UPSC, and various other government job-related post in our previous today, in this post, we will fully be focusing on the Indian Air Force.

A Bit History about Indian Air Force

The Indian Army was initially established in the year 1932, on 8th October, before the Indian independence, the Indian Air force was known as Royal Indian Air Force, under the rule of the British before Indian independence. The name Royal Indian Air Force was named after the brave service provided by the Indian Air Force in the world-War II. The British government Renamed it the Royal Indian Air Force for their Honoured and Sacrifices, but, However, immediately after the Indian Independence in the year 1947, the Name Royal Air force was changed back into the Indian Air Force.

In brief, the Indian Air Force is considered the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces. Besides our Indian Air force is ranked as the fourth rank is the strongest Air force in the whole world. It is an honor to work in Indian Air Force (IAF), it is one of the Noblest jobs in the world, contributing your life for your country, requires courage and loyalty. Well, there are various postings in the Air force as and there are various criteria for getting into one of the postings, we will focus on all those one by one. Indian Air Force Job Role and How to get into the Indian Air Force?

Well, one of the primary Missions of the Indian Air force or any Air force that matters is to provide aerial warfare support to the Armed force of India during any of the armed conflict or any aero support for the sake of the rescue mission. As there is the leader for all the armed forces in India and the president of India is the supreme leader for all the Armed forces in India, Including the Indian Air force as well.

Well, look into the various position in the Indian Air force:

The president holds the highest rank in the  Indian Armed forces, his position is equivalent to the NATO code level, which is the highest in the armed forces. We have looked into the Indian Army and Navy there is always a hierarchy that needs to be followed, just like that, because the higher position provides the junior the fear and the order to follow the rules,  it very important to maintain order, well, there is one hierarchy in the Indian Air force as well, now let’s look into those various positions the Indian Air force has to officer for their young aspirant candidate.

Let’s role the Hierarchy from Top to bottom: 
  • Officer NATO code
  • Officer-10 Marshal of the Indian Air Force
  • Officer-09 Air Chief Marshal
  • Of-08 Air Marshal
  • officer 7 Air Vice Marshal
  • off-06 Air Commodore
  • of- 05 Group Captain
  • Wing Commander officer-04
  • Squadron Leader Officer-03
  • Flight Lieutenant of-02
  • Officer-01 Flying Officer
  • OF(D) and student officer Flight Cadet.

Every Candidate dreams to get into the Indian Air force, on the other hand, Joining the Indian Air Force is not just a job it is an Honour.It is the significance of the Pride, Joy, Respect, and Responsibility of being an Indian citizen at various levels.

How to get into the Indian Air Force?

Well, as mentioned above there are various positions in the Indian Air Force, which are broadly classified into these 3 categories, as mentioned below you can apply for any of these categories, however, there are certain criteria that are needed to be fully filled.

  • Flying Branch:

    Firstly, comes the Flying Branch, as the name itself indicates, the officers appointed for this destinations are flyer who are appointed for plating plane, under this branch, in addition, there are 3 different designations as follows,

    1. Fighters:

    Firstly, the candidate is hired for the position of a fighter pilot, as mentioned above the main mission of the Air force is to provide assistance to the Armed force in any form necessary.

    2. Transports:

    Secondly, as the name itself indicates the work of the transporter is to assist in the transport or supply of goods and supplies, and equally important of the time it provides assistance in the rescue mission as well.

    3. Helicopters:

    Finally, under the flying branch, the Helicopter provides the service of transporting people from place to place and even assist in rescue missions as well.

  • Ground Duty (Technical Branch)

    Next comes ground duty One of the most important duties, they are the one that makes sure that all the pilots do their work properly and keep providing them all the technical and back end help at any given times,furthermore, they keep intact with the pilot and assist them the identify the threat, they provide the solution instantly.

    1. Mechanical:

    As mentioned there are various posts in the Indian Air force, well as mentioned above, the main mission of the Air force is to provides assistance to the Armed forces, during times there are certain damages to the planes, the technical team takes care of those damages, it is an important task because on the basis of their trust the pilot fly that plane again in the war.

    2. Electronics:

    Well, the job of the Electronics engineer is very similar to the mechanical department but just the only difference is that they work in a different department, simultaneously the work role is the same to provide assistance to the Indian Armed forces additionally in any way possible at any given time.

  • Ground Duty (Non- Technical Branch):

    Well, as mentioned there are various jobs in various field, Air force not only focus on the flighter and the marshal, it provides the job opportunities of other sources also, the jobs are being as below:

    1. Administration:

    Firstly, comes the administration, well like all the fields there is always a task assigned to each and every individual, and the role of the administrator is to check whether the candidates are performing their jobs properly or not and to take disciplinary action as needed.

    2. Accounts:

    Next comes the Accounts section, well it is necessary to know the expenses of every individual and the expenses of every project, the that there should be always a balanced analysis in all the field, accounts team handles the all the financial budgeting like looking over all the expenses and handling all the salary allotment and collecting and Raising all the funds and then preparing all the budgets for upcoming projects and submits it to the government of India for future approval.

    3. Logistics:

    All the supplies and the couriers are taken care of by the Logistics is the department, this department plays a huge role in the Armed forces because it is the one that supplies moreover, the necessary equipment for all the soldiers, and provides the medical and necessary assistance to the Indian Armed forces.

    4. Education:

    This is one of the most crucial eliminates of the Indian Armed forces and because it is the one that trains the candidate to become the officers of the future, the education follows everywhere from the beginning training till the appointed as an officer sometimes even after the appointment, the teacher plays a huge role in the force to be a teacher you have to an expert at the next level.

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