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Indian Air Force Selection Process and Training Period.

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Indian Air Force Selection Process and Training Period.

In the previous blog, we have explained the History of the Indian Air Force Job Role and How to get into the Indian Air Force?

Well, you might be having various questions regarding the Indian Air Force, Like

What is the Selection Process?
Training period Etc.,

and various other questions as well, we will answer all your question one by one.

In this article, we will provide you with all the answers and about Indian Air Force Selection Process and Training Period, etc., Let’s first start with the first question?

In the continuation of the previous blog, we will focus on answering the question relating to the Indian Air Force, let us focus on answering all the above questions one by one, consistently also focus on the various other aspects of the Indian Air force as well. Indian Air Force Selection Process and Training Period.

what is the Selection process in Indian Air Force?

Like all the rest of the government exam, even Indian Air Force has common eligibility criteria under which you have to write a test, the entrance exam is being conducted by the Indian Air Force itself, each and every candidate has written if they are aiming to get a job in the Indian Air force, the name of the exam is (AFCAT) The Air Force Common Admission Test.

There are certain criteria that are needed to be fulfilled by all the candidates to Join Indian Airforce careers, now let’s understand the selection process briefly, step by step.

Firstly the Indian force conducts the AFCAT test, to enter the AFCAT test, all the candidates need to apply for the AFCAT test, as mentioned above the test is conducted by the (AFSB) Air force Selection Board, before which the candidate should fill an online form and pay the certain fees which are mentioned by the Indian Government, However, the fees may be different on few aspects, if you are an NCC candidate and have a certificate backing that statement, then you are not required to pay the required fees.

The selection process for the Indian Air Force :

As mentioned above the selection process is overseen by the Air force Selection Board (AFSB), the recruitment notification is released twice every year, First, in the month of February, and the second in the month of July.

Well, the Air force hires the candidates on two bases that are as follows the first is the basis of the Permanent Commission (PC) and the second is Short Sevice Commission (SSC), both are the recurring body for the Air force, Permanent commission hires for the permanent position and the Short-service commission hires the candidates for the short period of time it may be for 10-15 years max.

Below provided is the process for Air Force Recruitment:
  1. Firstly, Fill the online application form which is known as AFCAT.
  2. Secondly, Appearing for an online exam on the given date and time.
    • Stage I – Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and picture perception and discussion test (PPDT).
    • Stage II – Psychological Test, Group Test, Interview, Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS).
  3. Next, Appearing for the Medical Examination.
  4. The final step is the Preparation of the All India Merit List Announcement.

Now, let us explain everything to you in the brief one by one, so that it would clear all your doubts, and help you clear all the doubt about the selection process:

  • Step 1: Online Application Form:

    Firstly, all the candidate who is Aiming to attain a job has to apply, all the candidates have to visit the official website, and pay a certain amount of fixed fees which is already pre-set by the Air force Board.

  • Step 2: Appearing for Online Exam:

    Second, once the candidate applies for the job, the candidate is provided with an exam center additional with the timetable of the exam. The candidate has to appear for the online written examination and once the candidate clears all the written exams then he will be qualified for the second round, under which you’ll be having Group Test, Psychological Test, and a Personal Interview.

    Usually, the exam is conducted for over 5 days, the first test is an officer Intelligence Rating-test wherein he has to write an online exam for 2 hours and the question paper is an objective type question, he has present certain Demonstration and the reasoning ability that he has to present to the Air Force Selection Board, After that, the candidate has to go through a Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) which is a two-round test under this test, the candidates are shown a series of pictures or certain characters, and then they have to have a group discussion on the basis of the images, the candidate who performed well, are selected for the next rounds.

    The next round is about psychological and group tests, well in this round the candidate’s psychological evaluation is done by determining his anger and his response to evaluate the candidate’s capability to make quick decisions.
    Following that then a group is created from the above-shortlisted candidates and an assignment to provide to be completed in a specified given time, this test determines the candidate’s leadership and his contribution towards the group. Then happens a personal Face to face interview with all the shortlisted candidates.

    Apart from this, there is another test which is known as the Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS),  well, this round is only for the candidate who has applied for the Flying branch.

  • Step 3: Medical Examination:

    Once, all the exams are conducted, the AFSB Air Force Selection Board, Release a selection list, if you are selected for then round, it will be a Medical Examination under which the candidate has to go through various physical test and certain medical examination is conducted, the result of the test will be evaluated and a merit list prepared.

  • Step 4: All India Merit List Announcement:

    Finally, once the candidate goes through all the above tests, The AFSB releases a merit list, the list consist the name of the candidates who are selected for the position in the Air Force, and the candidate who is selected will be issued an appointment letter via Email and post to there notified address. It includes the join date, Designation, Reporting Date, and the Pay Scale of the candidate.

The above provided is the Indian Air Force Selection Process, However, if the Air Force selection Board finds the candidate, unfit for the job they can terminate the candidate on an immediate basis even without prior notice.

Training period In Indian Air Force:

Well, once the Candidate is selected for the Indian Air Force then he is being sent to the training centers to prepare for the job he is meant to serve.

  • Firstly the Training is conducted in the Air force selection board center,
  • Secondly, the training is for 54- 58 weeks, which are divided into 2 equal semester that is of 24-26 weeks,
  • The candidates are provided with 2 weeks of Holiday after 1st semester,
  • Finally, Under no circumstance, the candidate is to get married for around 1 and a half years from the date of selection,
    if he is found to disobey, his direct rules he/she will be directly discharged from the Indian Air Force Commission.

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