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Indian Air Force Examination Pattern and Syllabus

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Indian Air ForceIndian Air Force Examination Pattern and Syllabus

Welcome to another Blog, well in today’s blog we will focus on the topic which is all about the Indian Air Force Examination Pattern and Syllabus of the Indian Air force?

In the previous blogs, we have understood everything about the Indian Air Force Eligibility Criteria and various other aspects as going further back, but in today’s topic, we will cover all the important aspects that all the student needs to know for him/her to get into the Indian Armed Forces, The Indian Air  Force ( join Indian air force).

Well. Indian Air Force conducts an online exam to identify suitable candidates for the job, however, we have seen about this in previous posts, but the Important question that arises in all the candidate’s minds is what is the Indian Air Force Examination Pattern and Syllabus?

We are here to answer all these questions for you, lets focus on the questions one by one, the first important question is Indian Air Force Syllabus?

Joining the Air force is not an easy task has to go various test and exams that are predefined by the government, however, the exams are conducted by the AFSC Air Force Selection Board, the exams are sub-divided into two different categories that are Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) and Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT), which will understand about briefly.

Indian Air Force Examination Pattern and Syllabus

Let us First Focus on the exam pattern, Well the exams are conducted by the Indian Air Force in two variant, the exam is conducted online, as said the exams are taken in two different variants, that is as follows:

  • AFCAT: The Air Force Common Admission Test
  • EKT: Engineering Knowledge Test

Both the exams are conducted by the Indian Air Force, both the exam serve different purposes of selection.

AFCAT: AFCAT exams also known as Air Force Common Admission Test.
  • Firstly, AFCAT exams are conducted for all the branches in the Air Force.
  • Secondly, the exam pattern of this paper is 300 marks which consist of 100 multiple types of questions.
  • Equally important, each question consists of 3 marks each. (Flying branch, Ground Duty Technical or Ground Duty non-technical branch)

  • The time limit for the exam is 2 hours.
  • More importantly, the Exams have a Negative Marking of 1 mark for each wrong answers.
  • Finally, marking two answers for one question will be considered a wrong attempt and will deduct 1 mark.
EKT: EKT full form Engineering Knowledge Test,
  • Firstly, it is a test taken only for the candidate who has applied for the Ground Duty Technical branch.
  • Secondly, the exam consists of 150 marks, with 50 questions.
  • Each question carries 3 marks.
  • Finally, the time limit provided for every candidate is 45 minutes, to solve the whole paper.

Now we know the Exam Pattern, equally importantly, let’s focus on the Syllabus part:

Well, However, the syllabus differs from ground staff to Technical staff, let’s look into them one after the other.

Indian Air Force AFCAT Syllabus:
  • General Awareness: 

    Firstly, General Awareness under this topic which is cover are as follows History, Geography, Civics, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Basic Science, Defense, Art, Culture, Sports, etc.

  • Verbal Ability in English:

    Secondly and most important concepts are covered as known English is the required language, there is always a language paper in every government exam. Furthermore, the topics covered under sections are as follows:

    Comprehension, Error Detection, Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate word, Sentence Completion, Vocabulary, Synonyms, and Antonyms, Tenses, and Basic Grammar, etc.

  • Numerical Ability: 

    Equally Important, Numerical Ability stands for the ability to remember the number and the capacity to identify essences of History, Geography, Civics, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Basic Science, Defense, Art, Culture, Sports, etc.

  • Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test: 

    Finally, the Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test is considered to be the toughest Data interpretation, Sets based on arrangements, Embedded Figure, Missing Character, Rotated blocks, Analogy, and Hidden figures.

Indian Air Force EKT Syllabus

EKT is known as Engineering Knowledge Test conducted for candidates opting for Ground Duty (Technical) branch. As mentioned above there are various job roles in Indian Air Force and KET is a compulsory exam to be given if the candidate is opting for the job in Indian Air Force Ground staff under the technical Department.

The Exam conducted under this Category is for the engineering student, the candidate has to be from Engineering student, however, the syllabus is covered from the Engineering syllabus, as the job title itself is self-explanatory, Technical ground duty, Firstly, Let’s focus on the subject and the specialization for the sake of the job in the Indian Air Force.

Well, the syllabus is specialized on the basis of the requirement of the field, however, the requirement for each field is mentioned below as following:

EKT Syllabus Mechanical Engineering:
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Drawing/ Engineering Graphics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Aerodynamics
  • Thermodynamics
EKT Syllabus for Computer Science Engineering: 
  • Control Engineering
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Radar Theory
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Mathematics
EKT Syllabus for Electrical & Electronics Engineering: 
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Network Theory Design
  • Instrumentation
  • Information Technology
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Electronic Devices
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Switching Theory
  • Computer Networks

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