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Key Changes in Hiring Process

Key Changes in Hiring Process
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Key Changes in Hiring Process

Changes in Hiring Process! Well due to the pandemic situation going on and effected the whole recruiting process of the IT Industry it is important to change as per the changes taking place around you and the whole recruiting process has changed a lot and various companies are hiring freshers by making changes in there recruitment process

Here are the key Changes Taking Place in Hiring Process:

1. From Offline to Online Recruitment

Due to the rise in the cases by pandemic the companies a taken up the safest part of recruiting people online where the whole recruiting process is being online and being a fresher you need to know about searching for a new job online and need to possess various requirement that is needed by the companies.

Starting from the online aptitude round to the final interview round everything is going online so it is a great time and the best opportunity to grab  a good job online

2.  Offline to Group Discussion Round

The earlier selection process, on-campus recruitment or off-campus recruitment the first round would be aptitude test where we need to clear it online in campus or off-campus in their respective campus and second round in most of the companies have is Group Discussion

Where earlier the Group Discussion would take place after the first round in the respective campus carried on by recruiters but the changes made due to pandemic everything has got online from aptitude round to whole selection process everything has got online

3. Offline to Virtual Interviews

A lot of companies in this pandemic situation are recruiting because of the requirement by the company and most of the companies have taken up online recruiting process where everything from aptitude round, GD, to Technical and HR interview online on Skype or other online apps to recruit freshers and experienced candidates.

4. Working in Office To Work From Home

After the selection process took up by the company even the training process which is usually for 3 months with paid stifund is also provided to selected candidates and after the training provided work from home and not going to the office saving a lot of time and energy by both recruiters and people who got selected

5 Offline to Online Job Fairs

Many big companies like Infosys, Wipro hire freshers by arranged Job fairs on their campus to identify the right potential and recruit the right freshers from the job fair but due to changes occurring by the pandemic situation even the Offline job fairs are carried on virtually and recruiting freshers online

Thus it is a great time and the best opportunity to grab a good job online and have a great career.


To Summerize, here is the explanation on Changes in Hiring Process that have taken place due to the current situation and maybe the requirement could take place even further because when everything goes virtual it becomes easy to take the process and recruit the freshers and experienced on this in this blog explaining the various changes occurred in the hiring process.

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