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Top 5 Freelancing Jobs in India

Top 5 Freelancing Jobs in India
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Top 5 Freelancing Jobs in India

Top 5 freelancing jobs in India???? Well, You first need to know what is freelancing?

It’s a job where you will work for yourself and get paid on mainly on hours basis, and you can be an employed or nonemployed person working on several jobs to earn money. This freelancing job is getting more and more popular nowadays and with time the freelancing job will attract more and more people to work.

Here are few Top Freelancing jobs you need to know About:

1. Freelance Accountant

If you are from a commerce stream and loved your accountancy subject then this could be the best job for you to do and become a freelance account where you need to just maintain records of money, prepare the balance sheets of a company, Profit and Loss statements of that company but you need.

Qualification Required: 12th in Commerce Stream and Degree
Average Salary: 2000/hr

2. Copywriter

It is a freelancer job where you mainly work for a company by writing texts for ads, sales, especially for marketing the products to increase the sales of that company.

The product for which to text for ads is called as a copy and the same is used to increase the brand value of the company and making the profit.

Qualification Required: Any Degree
Average Salary: 2500/hr

3. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is the one who helps in making ads, magazines by creating or combining text with the best suitable pictures that give a specific message to the reader. It is an art and a profession for the people who are creative in their thinking and using some professional tools to design.

Qualification Required: Any bachelor Degree
Average Salary: 2000/hr

4. Frontend Developer

The most satisfying freelance job you can work for is a frontend developer provides completing a degree from Computer Science stream or having complete knowledge of front end where you use various programming languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML, and more.

Here as a frontend developer, you will be working on creating websites, writing, etc which need the knowledge of programming languages if you are good at these frontend programming languages you can definitely go for it

Qualification Required: 12th + Degree in Computer Science Stream
Average Salary: 2000/hr

5. Public Relation Manager

It is a job role where you need to work on maintaining public relation with the organization or a company for its growth by maintaining the organization social media accounts and by building relation between media retailers to make effective media coverage.

Qualification Required: Bachelors or Master Degree in Public Relation (PR)
Average Salary: 4000/hr with 4 to 5 years of Experience


To Summerize, here are the Top 5 Freelancing Jobs in India that would help you earn money by doing several jobs at the same time and also working as a freelancer for years provides you experience that will help you can get a better position in the field and grow your career, thus here are the top freelancer job which you can do required having the specialed degree to work.

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