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How To Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

How To Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job
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How To Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

How to answer why did you leave your last job?? Well, in the It industry many of the freshers and experienced candidates always try to switch their job the reasons could be many like not growing and gaining the knowledge as per their expectations or the job location is too far from the place where they reside or any other personal reason but as a professional when you try to switch the job you must give some relatable and professional answers to the questions asked by recruiters

So here are a few tips to answer why did you leave your last job kinds of questions :

1. Tell How The New Job Role Excites You

When you have a year or more experience in a company you learn a lot and you will know in which field you want to enter into with the right job role in the desired company you want, so while you are switching to another job try to everything about the company the technologies and the software they use and what excites you the most to join the company

So always be confident and answer by being honest to the question that makes it easier to answer the question the recruiter is asking

2. Keep the Answer Short and Simple

Whenever you are answering these type of question always try to answer in short, keep it simple and short don’t try to exaggerate the things and start explaining each and everything to the recruiter which isn’t necessary and try to give a relatable answer and give the professional answer that would help you get the job you are looking for.

3. Be Positive While You Answer

Don’t reply to these question that makes the recruiter think about your personal problems try to be positive have a positive attitude and reason you are giving to the question should help you get that job you are looking for and always try to give answers tells about the company you want to get into and what excites you the most to get into the job.

4. Don’t Make It Personal

Don’t give an answer which explains that you left your previous job due to your personal issues try to be a professional at that time and give a professional answer to the question asked by the recruiter, tell them what really excites you the most to join that company, tell about the technology and software that they are using and if you are good at that particular software that you can have a discussion about it

That could really help you get the desired job you were looking for

5. Be optimistic During The Situation

Always be honest try to be yourself, optimistic while answering such questions because the recruiter usually wants to know the right reason for you leaving the old job so always be relatable to the answer.

To summarize, here are few tips for “How To Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?” so that it would be easy for you to answer such questions by being optimistic and relatable to the question asked by the recruiter.

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