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Why We Should Hire You?

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Why we should hire you?? Well, it is the most commonly asked question by the interviewer to the freshers which most of the freshers do not know why and how to answer this question, this question usually asked by the interviewer is mainly to know what qualities and how much potential you have and so that they can hire you based on your potential and knowledge you have

The real questions behind why we should hire you are different that is what can you do for the company what qualities and potential you have so that we can hire you is the question and the answer you give should also be relevant to the answer

So here are some important tips for you to answer when the interviewer asks the most commonly asked question of why we should hire you?

1. Give a right Statement

Do not try to make the answer short and simple make a statement and explains what all you are capable of and the potential, and knowledge in the particular field you have so that will be beneficial if they hire you and explain about your achievement and certificates you have obtained by mastering that particular field

2. Know About Job Role

Whenever you are taking up any companies interview know about the job role for which they are recruiting freshers so it becomes easy when they ask this question why we should hire you because when they ask the question and if you know about the job role you can give relevant answer according to the job role they are recruiting for tell about the software and technologies you know and is beneficial for the company if they hire you which should also be relatable to the job role

3. What Unique In You

Remember having complete knowledge about the curriculum is plays an important role when you search for a job rather having the required skills in the particular field is important and about the same need to explain when the interviewer asks you why we need to hire you providing the relevant answer of you being uniques with the set of skills you have built and the knowledge you have of the particular field they require.

4. Explain Why You The Solution If Hired

Tell then why you the right fit for the particular job role and what makes you eligible for the both tell about 2 or more set of sills that makes you unique from others and would also help the company to reach the higher level and you be the best asset for the company

5. Tell About Your Hobbies

When you are explaining to them about your hobbies, the hobbies should be relevant and beneficial for the company those hobbies should help you to get selected and hobbies like exercise, googling out the contrivances, and others where your hobbies directly or indirectly should help the company and also you to get selected in the company


To summarize, here are few tips for “Why We Should Hire You?” which will help you in providing the proper answer to the particular question asked by the recruiter and help you get hired by the company

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